DLM provide Forklift Safety Checks

DLM carry out forklift safety checks to ensure that your company complies with the law.  Above all ensures that the risk to your employees and workplace visitors, is kept to a minimum where your forklift is concerned.

Thorough forklift examinations

By law every forklift truck needs a regular thorough examination, a bit like a car that needs an MOT every year.  Most companies have it carried out by their Forklift Dealer or Insurance Company.  Most Company Managers are wrong about what the thorough examination covers – it isn’t just a LOLER inspection, the examination runs a lot deeper than that.

The CFTS Thorough Examination is a standard, promoted nationally by the leading forklift trade bodies and recommended by the HSC.  Thorough Forklift Examinations covers everything the LOLER inspection does and the rest of the truck too.  Also included a drive test for steering and brakes.  Jacking it up to get a proper look, also removing panels if required to get a deeper inspection.  CFTS covers over a dozen crucial safety checks that most LOLER inspections can miss.  By having us complete a thorough examination on your equipment, know you’re covered both for LOLER and for PUWER.   That above all, you know that your work force is safe.

A Legal Requirement for Forklift Safety

If you operate a fork lift truck, you have a legal obligation to ensure that it holds a valid Report of Thorough Examination.  This applies whether you own, lease or hire the truck – you are required to arrange a forklift inspection (Thorough Examination) at least every 12 months.

Failure to comply with this not only puts your employees at risk but it also may result in prosecution.